Lodge annual tax returns

Can anyone explain to me what the meaning of Lodge.

a branch or meeting place of an organization such as the Freemasons.
synonyms: hall, clubhouse, meeting room “a Masonic lodge” <

@pmilone…but this has nothing to do with the context of “lodging tax returns”!!!

In Australia we say we “lodge” (in this case, a verb which means ‘submit’ or ‘hand in’ ) our annual tax return forms to the Australian Tax Office, either electronically to their website, or by physically handing in or mailing a tax return form to them. When the ATO receives the form electronically or physically, it is officially recorded as “lodged”.

I imagine Americans “file” their income tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service.


Funny! I read it as the Lodge’s annual tax return.

Why funny? :slight_smile: Us aussies think the name “Internal Revenue Service” (& ‘Homeland Security’) sound funny… :slight_smile:
Mike must have been reading something from British/aussie English.
It’s funny how Americans get confused when they read non-American English. Just teasing :)~

You aussies talk funny :wink:

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I was reading Taxation, thank you, Julz611.