Loading problem with iphone appplication

I noticed that if my iphone goes to sleep before the lessons have been downloaded, I will get an error message stating that there are No Lessons to display in this language…

Since it’s taking at least 2 minutes to download my lessons, I must keep my iphone awake because it is set to sleep after one minute.

@pmilone - To be clear, is this when swiping down on the lesson list to refresh the list?

It’s surprising to hear that this takes two minutes. I just tried it and my list of lessons in both Korean and French loads in 6-7 seconds. Has it always taken this long to update the lessons?

I just timed it…

It took 01:16 to load the lessons from the start and 01:11 to refresh the list.

If it makes any difference, I’m currently studying private lessons averaging 15 minutes of audio each.


@pmilone - Hmm, very strange that it’s taking that long to load. I’ll pass this along to our developer and see what we might be able to do here. We do have a new version in development that should hopefully improve the overall performance, so I’ll continue testing with the new version to see if I can reproduce these slower loading times.


@alex - fyi, the Android version does basically the same thing. It also takes a long time to display the lesson text when opening a lesson. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 and they both take a long time to display the lesson list or lesson text when opening a lesson. The S4 is a bit quicker but not by much. I’m studying lessons of similar length to what pmilone is studying.

@pmilone - Also, would you let me know which iPhone you’re using?

@cgreen0038 - I’ve noticed slower times on the Android app as well. It is developed independent of the iPhone app, using technology native to Android, so there will be some differences. However, both apps are essentially undergoing a rewrite to add significantly more functionality and improve responsiveness.

@alex I am using iphone 4 and I must say that since I upgraded it to the most recent iphone operating system the phone itself is generally running much slower. It’s like apple is forcing me to upgrade my phone :wink:

@pmilone - Haha, that does seem to be the case sometimes… :wink:

We checked on a first generation iPad here in the office and the list does take a little longer to load (15-20s), but not over a minute. I’ll do a bit more testing here to see what I can figure out with regard to this.