Livros crianças on-line Portugal/Brasil?


I am looking to continue my learning by reading children’s books. I heard that by reading children’s books, they give you a solid foundation of the language.

Does anyone have online resources of Portuguese children’s books? It doesn’t matter to me if they’re from Portugal or Brazil.

Also, does anyone have success from this method?


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Try to search “Monteiro Lobato” or “Pedro Bandeira” in sites like 4shared. It’s a nice way to begin your study.


We have a site named “Domínio Publico” (public domain), which has lots of free content in brazilian portuguese, you should try it!

Link for the page with children books:

Boa sorte nos seus estudos!

O Rayje, tá bem legal! brigado!

Oi! Tem muitos livros grátis para o Kindle.
You can monitor this page and wait for children’s books to become available:

Or this one should you have a Canadian Kindle account:

Livros para crianças, mas têm de ser lidos no browser:
Children’s books, but you have to read them in the browser:

Mais alguns, que se podem descarregar:
Some more that you can download:

Com som:
with sound: