Living language - beyond the basics

Has anyone ever used the living language series, I am in particular talking about the beyond the basics spanish one, does anyone know what level the book and audio CDs claim to bring to you to?

B1 c etc


Also do you know where I could find out the number of new words in the series?

I have the German version. It is really really good with a great format. ì like it better than TY.

I doubt it brings you to a level beyond upper beginner or low intermediate, but you will certainly be on the right track to achieving fluency. I’m planning on following up the Living Language book with both Assimil books, and with Lingq.

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djlvbass, I also have the German version. I find it to be a pretty good source for learning a language. However, after finding Lingq, I might now just use it as a reference source, instead of working my way through it.

It’s a good solution - to have one or several student books as a reference source, but to read and to listen more at first here in and then by adding the German TV, radio and films - in this way you will be able to make a faster progress than by making all boring exercises from the student books.

@ djvlbass and amanuel

Are you guys twins?

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