Little Red Riding Hood

For those members who want a chance to listen to English from England, which unfortunately is in somewhat short supply in our library, despite the great content we have received from Helen, I recommend listening to the newly added Little Red Riding Hood story.

Okay, fairy tails are not my favourite lecture, but this story is very nice! I enjoyed the narrator very much!

I’m glad that you are enjoying this story.
If I have some more time, I’ll import more story by this narrator.

She is an excellent narrator! Many thanks luijung.

Hm, I looked on the original site and there is written “All stories, texts and audio are copyright Blog Relations Ltd unless otherwise stated.” Did you have the allowance to share? If not, we could add the Link to our google sheet with external material for import.

Vera, I have already written on luijung’s wall to make sure. I may have written him/her earlier and asked but cannot remember.