Little Problem

There seems to be a problem with the LingQing system recently. For example I’m importing text and noticing that if I click on a blue word with an accent (for example "refunfuñó) there will be no definitions. No big deal though maybe it’s not a comment word so then I click search dictionary and find that at the top the word I had apparently LingQed had changed spelling leaving off at the first letter with and accent but leaving the accent out (in this case it read “refunfun”) then I have to go in manually and change the LingQ to say what it is supposed to say manually for every word with an accent. And also, I’ve noticed that even old words that I do know will show up because this time the accent doesn’t register (recibió, grité, etc) and in spanish A LOT of words have accents so I’m finding that I nearly have 20% unknown words in a given new text all the time because of this accent problem. Is anyone else having this problem? If you need any more information in order to fix it I’m obviously willing to cooperate.
Thanks :slight_smile:

@watupboy - That seems strange - I don’t have any problems with accents in Spanish. I pasted the words you indentified above into a lesson and it all worked fine. Which browser and os are you using? Did the text have strange formatting? Was it a lesson from our library or a shared lesson?

It was a lesson I imported from a pdf file, I’m using safari but could try using a different browser to see if that works.

It appears that it was the browser or the os because I switch to Firefox and reuploaded it and it works now.