I’ve been actively learing Lithuanian since September. What’s the progress for Lithuanian? Could you maybe just create an empty slot? I would import material from and other sites.

Thank you.


Lithuanian isn’t close to being launched at the moment, sorry. We can’t add an empty slot, new languages needs to meet our requirements before we can add them.


I really look forward to reading Lithuanian on Lingq.

May I ask Cassius, what language learning material you are using? I’ve struggled to find resources… so far I bought the “Teach yourself Lithuanian” book

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I also use this book and it’s not too bad although there’re many things I don’t like. Beginner’s Lithuanian is not a bad textbook either. And I used Kleine Litauische Sprachlehre by Alfred Senn a bit. It’s in German and it’s quite old but still useful for the patterns. I use for reading and listening. You can learn with almost everything but you need audio and text. It depends more on what you do with it. So I would recommend you to stick with Teach Yourself Lithuanian and finish it. You don’t need to learn everything just because it’s in the book. I’m very selective which words I learn, don’t memorise anything actively and don’t do the exercises. I also don’t study word lists and grammar tables. Don’t spend too much time with the textbook. After that you can go to and read and listen (or choose something else). Does it help you?

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Thanks Cassius, yes it does.

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Hi Zoran, has anything changed? I don’t think it will accelerate adding Lithuanian but Google Translate added TTS for Lithuanian recently and it’s quite good for a first version.