Will this language ever be offered here? Lately, I have taken a huge interest in it and would love to learn it.

I think it all depends on users. Most of the content on lingq is made by other users, so in order for a language to be added there must be some hours of recordings both for new and more advanced users.

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Is there a way I can import my own info into a separate part? Like what would be cool is if we could have an empty area where we could name it (whatever language), and it will work just like LingQ. Although, it would be where only that user could import info. This way I could import Lithuanian (for me) and it would track my progress. That’s what I love about LingQ.

Yeah, it would be great to have that empty space, as for now you can select any other language you know you are not going to learn, and import your own lessons here. Of course it is not a perfect solution because you will have to do everything by yourself, like adding dictionaries for example, but it is best we have at the moment.

You can use an existing slot to study an unsupported language to help track your vocabulary and learning progress. With this you will have to use a dictionary in another window/tab.
That means that you should open a language which you do not have plan to study in future, but it’s available at LingQ, and you can import lessons in Lithuanian under that language to study them. Just make sure to keep these lessons private, because we don’t want other users to see lessons in wrong language. :slight_smile:
That way, you will learn desired language and track your progress with LingQ tools.

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One thing that occurs to me is that if multiple people learning the same unsupported language loaded it into the same slot (Latin or whatever), they could at least benefit from each other’s definitions. i.e. LingQ might already have a bunch of Lithuanian LingQs but nobody knows where to find them…

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Thank you!!!

Where could I find a dictionary to import?

Funny thing is that every once in a while I come across this thread in this forum that has like 70 responses all by people happily chatting long messages in Lithuanian.