Listening to Slovak/Czech Podcasts

I’m learning a little bit of Slovak at the moment, but there isn’t as much downloadable podcasts as there are Czech podcasts. I wonder, if I were to practice listening to the few Slovak resources and the Czech resources. Would this cause some sort of problem with listening skill, or would it be ok to continue this process? Since they are very similar to one another, I wouldn’t think that it may cause a problem in my opinion.

Thank you for reading, and thank you very much if you do respond

As someone who deals with the similarities and differences of the two languages on a regular basis (My wife is Slovak and I study Czech) I can say, tread lightly. Even though the two share many words , there are lots of differences. These differences confuse the language learner simply because they are similar.Some basic words are different like delat is robit and mluvit is hovorit. Of course both Slovak words exist in Czech in another form i.e. vyrobit to produce and rozhovor, conversation. So in a way learning Slovak will broaden your Czech vocabulary. So why not, its a learning experience after all,why not have some fun. Zdar!

Where are you finding the Czech podcasts with transcripts?