Listening to news in easy, or at least slow, Spanish

Here is a podcast to hear news in slow Spanish:

I have been listening to one of their podcasts, and personally I find it very annoying that it’s so slow-paced. I prefer native spanish, even if I can’t fully understand everything.

A big reason I am not taking spanish is I can’t really roll my tonge to pronunce R,althrough i tried 1000 times ,LOL!

The pronunciation of this letter is also difficult to me but I try to forget it’s an R. Practice the single R by saying the English words ladder, pitter, patter, potter. If you can say the DD and TT sounds, you can say the R. Have a look at this link : Pronouncing the Spanish R

I hope it will help you not to let this difficulty keeping you away of this language, if you want to learn it. I’m far from having a good pronunciation but I am no longer afraid of this letter, as I was like you :wink:

Vinbelgium, I kind of agree with you that when a text is read too slowly it is less appealing, like when we listen to a very slow pace English audio. It depends…