Listening to Lingq lessons offline while driving to work


I would like to benefit much more from Lingq such as when I have time to listen to Lingq lessons on the way to work. Currently I do my daily Lingq on my computer early morning and head for work. I already have the Lingq app on my mobile and thought I could access the lessons I had played on my computer offline using the mobile app and accessing the playlist, but it doesn’t seem like that.

How can I make this work? I am stuck in traffic for a good 1 hour every day and this is wasted time, but if I can use this time learning languages this will be prime time. Suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


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You can definitely do that. Add the lessons to the playlist, then try to play them while you’re online. It should download the lessons to your device and then you can easily play them when you’re offline. I believe it only deletes them if you clear the cache(from the LingQ app’s settings) or if you delete the app’s data.


As @riquillers already responded, all the lessons for which you completely load audio while you are online, will be available for listening later in offline mode too.


Thanks a lot for your feedback. Well, I have tested this again without success. On my computer I see that all the lessons I have gone through appear on the playlist. However, when I open the Lingq app on my mobile phone in an offline mode nothing appears in the playlist. IfI do turn on the internet the playlist on the app is also full, but as I said, in the offline mode, which is the case when I drive to work I cannot access any of it. Is this about a sync problem?

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Thanks Zoran but I still have no success with this. See my comment below.

Have you listened to those lessons on the mobile app before going offline? It may be that the lessons aren’t downloaded. The titles are there but the file is not. If you can play the audio, it has been downloaded.

No, I usually have the chance to listen to the lessons on my computer. Thus, when I switch over to the mobile phone and the mobile app while driving I cannot listen to anything. Thus, it seems that the issue is that you have to use the same device in order for the downloading to actually take place enabling listening to any given lesson on that same device later…

Yes, if you want to listen on your mobile, you will have to open those lessons on your device or, at least, add those lessons to your Playlist (this happens automatically for completed lessons). Even if added to your Playlist, open the Playlist and make sure audio has been downloaded before going offline.

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Thanks Mark. Yes, this works now. I figured out that the problem was that even if the lessons I had reviewed were on the playlist on the mobile device that hadn’t actually been downloaded. I though this would happen automatically but it didn’t due to poor internet connection. However, now I make sure lessons are downloaded whenever I have a good connect. Thanks for all the advice to you and everyone! Cheers

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