Listening to lessons: The Playlist

Listening is a key component of progressing in language-learning

The Playlist makes it easy to listen to the audio of lessons, especially while on the go or doing chores.
For any student that has a mobile device, the Playlist is a handy function. Note that the Playlist also works from the desktop.
Any lesson that's opened is added to a student's My Lessons tab. It's also automatically added to their Playlist.

How it works:

Like watching videos, students should read the entire lesson multiple times before, after, and/or listen to the audio. That is how they will learn the vocabulary within it.
If the student has a mobile device, they can listen to audio from their Playlist like an mp3 player. Many students need a mundane task, like doing chores or doodling a picture, while they listen.
Encourage them to try different listening methods until they find what works best for them.