Listening to audio without opening the lesson

If I remember correctly, we used to be able to listen to the audio of lessons without opening a lesson, by simply clicking on a “play” icon in the list of available lessons.

Could we have that feature back? I’d love to be able to listen to a series of lessons without having to click into each individual lessons. An even better feature would be to spool all of the lessons in a given course, and allow us to just listen to them all the way through, end to end, without the text.

What do you think?

(I just resubscribed!)

You only open the lesson one time and listen to the downloaded mp3 as many times as you wish. It sounds fair enough to me.

Hi gregf,
Yes, the preview option doesn’t exist anymore for some time. I don’t think that we will have it back anytime soon, sorry about that.

May I ask why? It was very convenient.

It would be cool if there were some kind of “audio player” page on the mobile app that would work to make my phone essentially as a language-learning centered mp3 player. I don’t use the mobile app at the moment because I don’t personally enjoy saving lingqs on the go. I think my learning would benefit from an on the go audio player via the lingq system, though, since I like to review my lessons without looking at the text, while walking around and such.

Well our opinion was that since all lessons are free to open and read/listen, that button wasn’t really necessary.