Listening time is undercounted

I know similar issues have been brought up before, but I just listened to almost a full hour of a course (using “play course audio”) and it counted only about half of it. I assume that’s because I hadn’t yet read the last two or three lessons that I listened to? But, it does show those have been listened to 1x, so it should count, shouldn’t it?

I know the stats are primarily meant to be motivational and aren’t super important in and of themselves, but when you are trying to hit goals or complete challenges, it is frustrating to lose “credit” for so much listening time.

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Hello, JDHallKY.

I have been concerned about the accuracy of the audio time counting system on LingQ, and have been regularly checking my listening time. While I have not experienced any issues, the stats and charts feature is an important aspect of LingQ, and I record all of my listening, speaking, and writing time on the platform.

Crediting only 15 minutes instead of the full 30 minutes is a significant discrepancy, so I hope this issue will be reviewed soon. I will continue to monitor my listening stats closely in the future.

Thank you for mentioning this.

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Thanks for reporting this @JDHallKY We’ll test this again on our end.