Listening takes me more time

Listening takes me more time than any learning activity, and there are lots of things to listen to: podcasts, You Tube videos, TV programs…

Since my listening skills improved I read less. My favorites like to be podcasts of all kind and You Tube videos (stand-up comedians and debates).

Do you think that my English learning is in danger, or I have to carry on with this behaviour and do what I enjoy the most?

I believe that some reading wouldn’t harm. While listening you are likely to hear the most common and widespread words and phrases and that’s great. But if you want to find out more not frequently used words and structures you should read. At least for me reading is crucial, otherwise I’m quick to forget, although not completely, how to use all the riches of english vocabulary.

If I were you (this phrase is correct), I would stay mostly with stuff I like. This was exactly what I did in the past, I didn’t see listening to stuff that I like as studying but rather as fun so I kept doing for many years without problems.
Nevertheless reading can also be fun and great to increase vocabulary and it is a better way to familiarize yourself with the English structure than through listening.

I think you should do what you like best, but widen the type of texts you listen to. If you would begin to listen to works of literature (novels or short stories), it would enable you to learn a more formal and diverse vocabulary.

For me reading is the most important thing by learning a new language because I learn with my eyes.
But maybe you learn with your ears then listening is for you more important.
Certainly, listerning is more entertaining, but I doubt if I can learn new words by listening.
You can enjoy listening if you have a good vocabulary before it, but only in reading and sometimes looking up new words in the dictionary you can go ahead.

Reading words and phrases = learning new words . Listening = learning to comprehend those words and phrases in their different combinations, tones and what not when heard. I don’t really like reading, it’s something I have to force myself to do but I notice it’s benefits.

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