Listening - repeat function

Hello. Is it possibly to create additional “repeat button” ?
As I use podcasts to listen many times (over and over, often doing sth else) and for this a repeat function is a necessity.

Hi Agnieszka. I was about to ask the same question some time ago, but I realized that there is the option witch alows you to download a podcast. I found this much more usefull, because You can have it whereever you are with out internet conection:)

Thank you for your suggestion. We are keeping it in mind. It is something that we would like to add in the future :slight_smile: Meantime you can download audio to your mp3 device or create playlists on our new app (for iOS and Android).

Hi. Downloading podcasts is very useful. The best way to listen while staying out.
However, at home, I try to reduce headphones use as much as possible (at home I don’t need to isolate from any noise).
Thank you in advance for adding this function in the future :slight_smile: