Listening question/advice

I’m studying Norwegian (hit 2k words today, yay!). There are no Lingq quick stories in Norwegian (yet, I know they are working on them) but I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out on getting my listening ear going.

I’m (almost) entirely learning through reading the Harry Potter books. I have the audio version on audible. Is it worthwhile to listen to the content I’ve already read through? When I listen to the I find that I am picking up bits and pieces but probably only 10-20%.

Is it an inefficient use of my time to continue listening when I have such a small base vocabulary?


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Great job so far and congratulations on reaching your new mile stone of 2000 words

I have been wondering this myself. I am pushing 3,000 words in Polish, but I can’t understand even cartoons in Polish because my vocab is too small. There is a series of podcasts that I would really like to listen to for intermediate learners, but I get frustrated that I don’t understand enough to understand.

I think listening to stories we have already read (meaning content that’s at our level) and reading to gain more vocabulary is the only answer. It’s a grind, though!


Good job on reaching 2K!

I would recommend finding books created in the native language at about a 3-4th grade level. Do some research in Norway and find a local library on line a good librarian will help. May foreign countries use whatsapp as a norm. Also find a language exchange friend using hello talk

Oslo has a public library you can e-mail the library and she can help you with books. They have a large digital library and for a fee you might be able to gain access.

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Yes, it´s inefficient compared to a lot of other things you (at least theoretically) could be doing. I´d say your understanding should preferably be over 50% when you listen to pure sound and more preferably over 70% or so. Norwegian in LingQ does have some lessons you can listen to, although it´s not a large selection. You can also find some videos on youtube and similar mediums in Norwegian. There are usually plenty of children´s programs in most languages you can watch. Here is an episode of Postman Pat in Norwegian for example: Postmann Pat: Postmann Pat På Sporet (HD) - YouTube

When you are watching something, your word comprehension does not need to be as high as in pure listening, because what you see will give you plenty of clues to guess the meaning of the words, but that pretty much goes without saying.

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Yep, only 60,000 more to go and you can claim the #1 spot :slight_smile: