Listening problem while using iphone4

I can’t listen to my lessons while accessing them on my iPhone. But that is not the case with steve’s discussions on his linguist blog . I can listen them on my iPhone with no issues. I have installed quick media player

Are you pressing the play button? If so, that won’t work because it uses flash ( I think). Either press download to listen to it or download iLingQ, where you can listen to a lesson in the app without problems.

Yes, I was pressing play button

Where can I download iLingQ app?

From the AppStore. You need at least a basic membership though. If you haven’t got one, on the lesson page, press the download button. The file won’t download, just play.

Thanks for your help. I think , I will stick listening to webcasts from santford and UC Berkeley. Professors there speak good English

Oh double-triple thanks. Files are being played by clicking on “download” button. Problem solved.

Why don’t you listen to the podcasts on LingQ. At least they have transcripts.

I had already listened to all those podcasts created by Steve and his teaching staff. They were very understandable on my ears even without looking at the transcripts. I love steve’s accent. I’m hooked on it. I come here from time to time just listen to his accent. Otherwise, there is no dearth of quality listening materials available on the Internet.