Listening on the phone

Does the time I spend listening to my playlists on the android app count to my progress or I have to manually add it to my progress bar?
I was listening on my phone for a while earlier today and the progress hasn’t been updated yet - but perhaps it updates every day or sth.


Hi Greg,
All your data should synchronize right away. If you were offline on your device while listening, any offline activity is automatically synced the next time you connect to the internet.

I’ve been online for hours and it still hasn’t synced yet.
I have auto sync enabled on my phone btw.

Hi again Greg,
I’ve just checked this and it seems that everything works fine for me, all my activity on app is automatically synced with website, without any delay.
Can you please try to reinstall your app and check if that might help?

I reinstalled the app, still no changes. Listening time from yesterday didn’t sync. Now I listened for 50 minutes while being online for the whole time and no sync either.

Thanks for checking it. Which device are you using and which Android version you have installed on it?

LG P760
Android 4.1.2

Today I was listening to some Spanish and it didn’t sync either.

Sorry Greg, I’ve reported this issue to our developers and they are working on it. Thanks for your patience!

Today I was listening for about 45 minutes (15 minutes in the morning, then 30 minutes in the afternoon) and some of this time has been synced. I have 0,3 listening time for today and I haven’t started listening on my PC yet so that must have come from my phone. Just weird only some of it got synced.


Another observation of mine:
I was online and I listened to a lesson for a few times and created all lingqs from the lesson - yet in the course view there still was “Listened 0 Read 0 times”. I manually added these few times I listened and now I see that on the website (or web app) there’s some time recorded for today.
Hope that can point you in the right direction.