Listening & Finnish on iOS


I have a couple of things.

For a few days now I’ve gotten listening hours and minutes out of nowhere. Like, even two hours a day, and I have not added any nor listened that much on the site by a long shot.

Second, would it be possible to add Finnish as dictionary language on iOS? Even so that you could at least mark the translation to be in Finnish.

@Yiva That’s very strange! Were you maybe listening to a playlist?
If you select Finnish as a dictionary language on the Profile settings page on the website (Login - LingQ) it will automatically apply on the app too.

If you tap on the translation language flag beside the translation field when looking at a yellow word, it will show you Finnish in the list of languages that are shown. Just tap Finnish to change the translation language. Otherwise, as Zoran says, you can change your default Dictionary Language on the Settings page on the web.

I don’t have any playlist and I’m certain I haven’t been listening to one. For example, this week I got over 9 hours of listening, and in reality I haven’t even listened for 30 minutes.
Alright, thanks! I tend to prefer the English dictionary, but would just like to save some words in Finnish instead.

Finnish is not there in the list. I guess it will only be possible if I change the dictionary language altogether.

Yes, Finnish is in the list. Are you in the Dictionaries tab underneath View Translations in the expanded yellow or blue widget?

You can find the Playlist if you go to the menu in the top left on the Home screen. Any listening you do on the app does get recorded automatically. Either in the lessons or in the playlist.

I am not listening to anything but lessons on the app. For example, by listening to a 2 minute lesson I gained over 30 minutes in listening.

That seems strange. I can’t seem to make this happen. The listening stats in your profile don’t seem out of line. Can you please explain the steps you are taking exactly and what you are seeing so that I can try to replicate the error you are having? I’m not sure we are trying the same things.

I experienced this on iOS, iPad to be exact, the app. It just suddenly started to happen, didn’t use to before. I open a lesson like usual and listen through it once. After that it shows that I’ve only listened to it once like it should, but from a 2 minute sound clip I gain like 30 minutes in listening. I do absolutely nothing with playlists, I never have. I’ve only noticed it with Swedish. Anything else you wish to know?

Your stats show you have listened for .2 hours over the last 2 days. That is 12 minutes. Is that not correct?