Listening exercises. Do they work for you?

What s your opinion of listening comprehension exercises? I always find it difficult and stressfull. I think the best way to measure your skills is simply by listening any material you want, movies, popcast, audiobook, interviews etc without distractions instead of some activities prepared by a teacher

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I completely agree. For me, comprehension, oral or otherwise, comes as a natural result of gradual familiarity with the langugage and interest and enjoyment are key. Contrived drills just don’t cut it for me

Not really sure about listening comprehension exercises, as they do indeed tend to become boring.

Mostly, if I’m trying to understand a given topic, I listen/read many articles on that topic.

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I resist any kind of questioning about content I have listened to or read. It tests your memory as much as your language skills, and it detracts from the pleasure of listening and reading.


those exercises are very much used in english teaching as a second language, It consists of short texts or dialogues, but as I said before, in my opinion it s very stressful for the student, especially if it is authentic material when the level is much higher. thanks for your comments

Thanks for your opinion