Listening doesn't sync + no more email reports/ lingqs

Hi there.
It appears that whenever I listen to my playlists on my phone offline, it doesn’t add up to the listening count in my progress snapshot. I connected to wifi, launched the app and it didn’t sync. I even waited for 2 days and it still didn’t sync.
Is there something I should do or everyone has to add up those listening hours manually?

Bonus problem - I no longer receive emails with my weekly progress, lingqs created, words read, etc. I don’t receive my daily lingq-emails either. My settings page seems to be all set and I haven’t touched it in ages. Yet I used to receive those emails.


Hi Grigo,
Sorry about this. I’ve just checked your account and it seems that you’ve usubscribed from our mailing list (maybe unintentionally?) on April 3rd. I’ve just subscribed you again, so from now on you will be receiving emails regularly.

About your app problem, are you using android or iOS app? Would you please try to logout / login again to check if that might help?

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Thank you for fixing my e-mail problem. I must have done that by mistake, even though I don’t remember doing such a thing.
As for the sync problem - I am using an android app.
I’ve just tried logout/login both in a browser and on my android app - still no sync.

No problem, I am glad to help!

We are really sorry about app sync issue. There are some syncing issues in both android and iOS apps, but we’re working on a fix here and the fix should hopefully be ready within the next week or so.

I’ll keep you updated!

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Once again, I don’t receive any emails from LingQ. On my settings page, every single subscription option is checked.

Any development in listening sync?

Hi Grigo,
I am sorry to hear that you have trouble with this. I’ve just checked your account in our email provider and it seems that you’ve unsubscribed on April 14th, by clicking unsubscribe link in Italian LingQs of the Day email. I’ve just subscribed you again, and you will be receiving emails regularly from now on.

We will let you know when fix for syncing issues is applied.

That’s just weird.
I’ve received an email after you replied to my message now so I guess it’s back ok.
Could you please check if all other subscriptions are active? I would like to receive all kinds of emails from Lingq, especially weekly reports.

Not to worry, I’ve subscribed you to all emails, including weekly reports.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:
I guess I better don’t as much as go to my settings page… just in case :stuck_out_tongue: