Listening doesn't count now

Somehow after the last update listening doesn’t count toward your streak/goal anymore UNLESS it’s done within Lingq. I listened to 2 hours worth of spanish content on Netflix but still lost my streak because I didn’t do the listening on the website. Adding listening hours doesn’t move you toward the goal at all. Can someone fix this?


I thought it was this way for a while. it would be nice for stuff outside of lingq to count towards your daily streak. Lingq helped me get to the point I can read and listen off platform but i still like to track my progress.


Why does a streak matter? It always seemed to me that the game aspects of apps are there to hook the customer into the app - or create an addiction - and hence further the creators’ profits. Like you I listen to lots outside LingQ, mainly because LingQ cannot import podcasts and Netflix.

Another bug is that if you listen to a YouTube video in LingQ, it does not add any credit UNLESS you switch to the line view mode, and manually scroll through each line. So you are forced. y LingQ to do pointless work to ensure your addiction.

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It’s always been this way. You don’t get credit (for coins/streak) if you manually input hours/words/etc. It’ll still keep the stat, it just won’t count towards streak.

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That’s exactly how I feel

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It hasn’t always been this way

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Because I want to track how many days out of the year I studies. I know I can do that using other apps but it would be nice to do it in Lingq as it’s my main study source.

I input my manual stuff usually on android. I’ve never seen it count and certainly not in any of the recent updates (unless it was a brief “accident” and I just missed it). Maybe one of the other environments?

Either way, sorry you lost your streak!