Listening counter in Android app

First of all I want to mention that what Steve and his team did for language learning is unpresidented. No other app can provide you with the most important thing in language learning: Comprehensible Input. Therefore I don’t want to be perceived as some complainer etc. I really apreciate the work of your whole team and thus I really wnat to help you guys work out some problems with LingQ 5.0 that I encountered. So please don’t take this as a critique, but rather as a free app tester bug report.

I have a problem with listening counter in Android device (this is where I listen) because I really apreciated the fact that it showed how many times I have fully listened to a mini story for instance. I think 4.0 version’s approach was ok and adding comma only messed things up.

I did some research on my playlist and apparently listening to full mini story can result in adding random amount of time listened.
For example I listened to the same story 3 times in a row to see how the (Android) app would count it.
1st x0.73 were added
2nd x0,61
3rd x0,80
It seems totally random, I don’t if the speed that I use can affect that, but it should not in my oipinion.

You are correct, this is actually an issue. Our developers will look into it and have it fixed. I removed my previous reply here to avoid confusion. Thanks for reporting the problem!

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