Listening Comprehension

I have been using Lingq for about 2 months now and I am an intermediate 1 in French. I find that trying to listen without the text is very hard to understand, it seems like they slur a lot of their words together and also talk kinda fast. Is there any way to improve my listening comprehension???

Here’s a great video on listening! There are 4 parts in total. How to Listen 001 - Its all Babble - YouTube
How to Listen 002 - Hearing - YouTube
How to Listen 003 - Shadowing - YouTube
How to Listen 004 - The L-R Method - YouTube

Do you do more listening than what is recorded on your profile page? If not, I’d say the answer is to listen more.

Be patient and keep listening and reading. The brain learns all the time but it takes its time.

Don’t worry , Ashton . It is pretty normal that u feel like u are not improving although u are working hard. That’s is absolutely normal. There are times called “plateau” which we feel like we are not improving and the improvement is not so obvious. No problem .

Learning a skill is like this : At first , u will feel like u have improved a lot when u move to beginner from zero knowledge of French, right ?? Of course, because u didn’t know nothing about French , so u feel like , “wow, I have improved a lot .” But then , after some time , u feel like u are not improving again . And then , after some more time, u feel like u have improved even more. So it is like this : spurts in progress and then plateau , spurts in progress and then plateau. That’s normal process of learning.

As Steve said, just be patient and keep listening and reading. The brain is learning subconsciously while u are listening and reading a lot according to the research. It is not just ready to show your accomplishment yet.

If u feel like the content u are listening to is intimidating to you , choose another content. After 1 month, listen again to the former content.

Just keep listening and reading, I am sure you will have the fruits of your accomplishment.

Well, after 4 months of learning I finally found a course I can do, Assimil. I tried Rosetta Stone but got bored after about 40 hours of it and not making much process. I just hope Assimil isn’t boring like Rosetta Stone which is very repetitive and really expensive… I think i’m going to return it.