Listening comprehension problem

I am learning French and it is going pretty good when I am reading and listening at the same time, or just reading at loud. I am able to understand most of the french words. I really enjoy that and I am proud of myself. The problem occurs when I am only listening: it seams that I cannot understand nothing, my mind starts panicking and I end up feeling so disappointed. How come I can understand every text by reading it but not by only listening?
Any ideas how to fix this?

“The problem occurs when I am only listening: it seems that I cannot understand nothing, . . .”
Does this happen if you are listening to the same text that you have just successfully read with both your eyes and ears?

I’m in the exact same situation with my Japanese. Some text I can understand quite well when reading but when I try to listen to them without having the text available I can only understand fragments. A word here and a word there.

I guess it is a matter of the amount you spend on listening comprehension. Some people say that, just like written text, listening comprehension is something you have to spend time on getting better at. And just because you “know of” a word (pronounciation and meaning) doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to notice it in a spoken dialogue.

You might not have listened enough without reading. Try listening to the text without reading. Listen many times.

THere is the only solution of this problem - to listen more.
However, this exercise can help you - firstly, you have to understand well the listening texts after you’ve read them.
And step by step you’ll learn to comprehend also the listening terxts without the previous reading.

I think you have to focus on one thing step by step. Focus on listeng, even when you read and listen at the same time, focus on listening. I did this with my English, over a very long time, and now I’m very comfortable with my listening skills. Of course that doesn’t mean that what works for me would suit you, but give it a go.

Are you able to read and comprehend as fast as the language is spoken by most natives? If so I think it’s just a matter of listening more, without panicking about understanding everything. For example, I listen to English throughout most of my day. Not because I feel obliged to do it, but because most of the information I find interesting is in English. I just have it on in the background, and these days I understand close to everything I hear. So my word of advice would just be to listen more, casually.

Thank you. I will!

Yes, it makes sense. Step by step :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input.

Yes, I agree and do not get me wrong but knowing that somebody else has the same problem makes me feel “happier” 'cause this is not the end of my french carrier. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is hapening after I read the text.