Listening Advice

I am trying to figure out how to be the most effective with my listening. I do not know if I should listen to lingq generated lesson content of dialogue several times or If I should listen to my imported content that I have read which is a book (should I listen to it several times)… I am used to listening to short dialogues several times and only began reading in my target upon encountering lingq. Please share your thoughts with me?

I am having the same dilemma. Should i focus on the audio book i am reading (which is very rich in vocabulary) OR listen to the TV show that i have full transcripts for (which because it is completely conversational and language in current use, very useful)

I am reminded of the saying:

“he who chases two rabbits catches none”

I am looking forward to reading other LingQers thoughts.


Good questions. Answering them is pretty hard, because it takes so much time (1500-2000 hours) to become an advanced listener, it’s difficult to tell if doing one thing gives better results than something else.

That being said, I can tell you how I prefer to study listening. In the early stages of language learning (0 thru A2), I’m somewhat likely to listen to shorter recordings several times. After that, I find I’m more interested in content than the language learning aspect, which leads me to listen to longer recordings. Also, I don’t pay as much attention when I listen more than once or twice, so I tend to move on to new material.

I should note that sometimes it’s a good idea to listen intensely, and do things like try to transcribe, repeat the dialog out loud, etc. Such exercises are beneficial, but I still rely on plain Jane listening for the vast majority of the time I spend doing it.


I focused really hard on this issue yesterday then left it alone. After, several hours, I came to the realization that it doesn’t really matter which one is used except that the content be the most interesting to you: it will do you the greatest good. One thing about me on some things I am very monotonous while in others I am pretty finicky: I like my variety. What I am going to work towards is focusing on the content that I enjoy the most that is fun to me. I will focus on it easier and will not have to constantly remind myself why I am doing something.

Thanks for this post…