Listen to the Kalaallisut language

I have always been fascinated by all the guttural sounds in Kalaallisut (the language spoken in Greenland). when I was little I wondered if this was because it was so cold, they had to speak from the throat :slight_smile:

Have a listen to this clip:

Does it not sound really guttural and almost Arabic for many of the words? What do you think it is closest to if you just heard it and did not know what it was?

Iโ€™ve really noted, that raucous sounds in Nordic languages make them sound a lot like Semitic to me. Even โ€œgโ€ in Dutch, in fact. (though, it isnโ€™t Nordic in linguistic sense of things)

Imy - Thanks for your contribution. How on earth did you come across Inuktitut? I had heard kalaallisut as a child as there were quite a few groenlandic people about but I had forgotten how it exactly sounded. I would not have picked it out I think.