Listen before read or read before listen

Hi Steve,
I am reading your book. And I realize that apparently I must listen to a content before I read it. Whereas from the beginning I belived that we had to read contents before listenned to them.
What is the most effective way ?

I usually begin by listening a few times, and only then reading and saving words… That way, I can try to understand without looking at the words and even trying to imagine how the words are written before knowing them… Usually after reading it, I get it all in my head and I can even know what will be said before hearing it… It’s like photographic memory, but with sounds xD

Of course, there may be better ways to do it… Or different ways to do it according to our proficiency in the language…

It depends. If it is something from a book, I usually read it before listening, because books are generaly thought to be read; on the other hand, if it is a conversation or a radio program, I generally listen to it before reading.


It is up to you. I usually listen first, a few times. This makes me curious to read and to look up words and to study. Then when I go back to listening I understand more. Having the sounds of the text in my head also helps me read.

Thank you everybody !

Everybody has a good point here. This goes hand in hand with the theory of multiple intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University. Dr. Gardner identified 8 categories of intelligences, and we each have stronger and weaker categories.

Case in point, i have a student who is an excellent English speaker, but he considers himself allergic to reading. He hates to read, even in his native Japanese. So for him Listening has obviously worked wonders

It is, as Steve said, up to you. We all just need to find our own strengths and go with whatever works! Good luck