Listen and Read at the same time

I’m kind of curious as to who does this at the same time when they are listening and reading to a piece of content here on lingq.

When I’m in a learning session here on lingq this is something that I have started to do actually. Of course, I do a lot of listening away from the computer on my ipod during the day but when I actually sit down to do some reading to the pieces of content that I have been listening to all day I have started to listen and read at the same time.

What are others opinions on this. Do you think that it is better to do them at the same time when one is able to or do them separately?

Yea I thin it’s deffinelty one of the good ways to study. You also have to keep in mind your goals. I think if your going for a good speaking you don’t want to be so dependent on seeing the word because you have to be able to listen. But however this is a great way to start when you first get the lesson. This way you can see how they are pronounced and read it will keep it in your brain. This is my thought

I always listen and read at least once…not the first time though. The first 3 or 4 times I just listen. If the selection is really a stretch for me, I alternate: listen, read/listen, listen, listen, read/listen…

Chinese - Yes

Anything else - No

Usually I listen for one, two or three times and then I start reading while listening at the same time. My reading abilities are quite good. Reading is a lot easier in my opinion. If I start with reading, I forgive the chance to train my listening abilities.

OK I think I may be bordering on the obsessive I tend to read and listen 100 times and then aim to only listen another 50 times after that. I clearly have too much time on my hands!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of reading and listening at the same time - does anyone know what the status / relationship with DingLabs is these days?

The content that I’ve used on DingLabs has been very useful. But it seems to have a stalled a bit.

Am I missing something…?

I usually listen first and then read to look for the parts that I did not understand. Listening first increases my motivation to read and save words. I rarely listen and read at the same time, but i enjoy it when I do so. It is just that it is easier to grab sound files and take them with me for my daily listening, in the car, while doing chores, working out etc. I usually don’t know when I will have time to sit down and work the texts.

I try to listen first, and then listen and read - pausing and LingQing as I go. If I have time, I’ll then listen a 3rd time. It depends on the content. If the content is just 1 or 2 mintues long, then I may listen a few times - if it’s 15 or 20 minutes long, I may only go through it once.

I’m going through the series of JapaneseLingQ podcasts. I find that I basically understand them without much problem, but there are some unknown words here and there, so I just want to LingQ them as I go. I often only go through them once, listening, reading and LingQing as I go.

With French, my level is much lower, so I have to go through a few times and I tend to LingQ a lot.

The trouble with reading and listening simultaneously is that, at the start, you read much more slowly than a speaker will read. After a few years you read much more quickly and you get irritated by the slow speech of the reader.

There is probably a point at intermediate 2 where you can comfortably read and listen simultaneously.

After I read Astamoore’s comment on Mac’s speech function, I have been taking it a rule to have Alex read my messages before posting them. Alex’s voice is a little strange, but you can change the speed.

taking → making

After → Since

Who’s Alex?

I think I will change my learning method, previously I was doing both reading and listening at the same time. But I didn’t realise how much ‘dead’ time I have during the day. I clocked up more than 5 hours worth of listening today!! although I did fall off the exercise bike at the gym because of concentrating too much on what I was listening to :stuck_out_tongue:

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