List of Podcasts

I was wondering if it would be of any use to have compiled a list of helpful podcasts (transcripts, interesting content, etc.) for the different languages of LingQ? For example, in Russian we already know (thank you Steve!) of the wonderful Echo Moskvy, but finding such quality podcasts/news sites for other languages is difficult and tedious.

I believe a list of podcasts such as this would be a useful resource to more advanced learners of languages, and would greatly simplify the process of finding content.

(Personally, I would like to have good podcasts in Spanish, German, and Dutch).

Thank you!

There was a community Google Doc that listed all the languages on LingQ and a list of URLs for (copyrighted) content in each language. I thought there was a link to it somewhere on the LingQ website but I can’t find it now.

I have the original google docs spread sheet. Any idea on the best way to reactivate this thing?

There’s also this which Helen wrote in December : LingQ / Links to External Resources

The best people to consult would be Vera and/or Cakyra, I think.

I found Vera’s post: Web Sites You Would Recommend - Language Forum @ LingQ in which she talks about the spreadsheet

We still have this

Also I prepared some documents for German sources: And Marianne for French sources as well: We use this to introduce new user or
encourage experienced users. We should be aware of this!