List of known words

Is there a way i can export the list of known words.

thanks in advance

Hi! There isn’t currently a way to see your list of known words. You can however export any of your saved LingQs that you have moved to Status 4 by going to the Vocabulary page, filtering for Status 4, then selecting the LingQs, clicking “More actions…” and clicking “Export”.

Thank you very much

Is there any movement towards this being a feature in future versions? Thanks

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Not in our plans at this moment, sorry.

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Why is it that LingQ’s go to stage 4? Is there a way to get rid of them? Like make them into known words, so the saved LingQ’s can be just ones i need to practice??


  1. You can filter out the stage 4 “known” words so you only review them.

  2. Or, you can move them to the check mark (after stage 4), which will move the word completely to known.

Personally, I leave them at stage 4 so when I’m reading, if I forget them, it’s still accessible as a linq to quickly check the definition on my iPad (back when LingQ worked on those devices of mine).

:frowning: Thanks for replying