Linq points

Can you tell me where can I find how many Linq points do I have.
I’ve no idea where should I look for it


At the top right of the screen, you will see your username. Hover the curser over that and a dropdown menu appears. Click on ‘Account Settings’ and then on the list on the left of the screen, cluck on ‘Points’. You should see the number of points you have near the top. Notice ‘Your Points:’ on the top right of this image.

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Wow. Now I can check the number of my points.
Thanks a lot

The points are displayed also at the Exchange page, means

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Thanks for this handy tip: I just clicked Exchange Home and there they were!

What does “My Exchange Points” mean? ExchangeABLE points of mine, or my points that can be used on the Exchange page? I wonder whether this means “My exchangeable points for the exchanges on the Exchange page.”

There are coins to buy something for an avatar and points to pay for tutors’ job. Nothing more. We are discussing points here.

Hi Yutaka,
As Ress said, Exchange points balance is the same as your regular points balance - it’s the same thing.

Playing with words can sometimes lead to confusion when people think you are being serious …

Actually, I am always quite serious when I am playing with words.

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