Links to the courses are broken

Links to many courses do not work as the result of a silent address change. I think someone added the “library” folder to the path, effectively making all existing links invalid.

I believe this to be a mistake - public URL change just doesn’t make any sense to me. At least, if you must make changes to the addresses, set the aliases up.

At the moment, this means that countless forum links no longer work.

The examples of the broken links are below. Following the link users are presented with an empty screen.

VA German music: Login - LingQ
Tagesschau: Login - LingQ
ZDF Sendung: Login - LingQ
Youtube imports: Login - LingQ


Yes, I can not open them. I am just getting an empty white page.

Thanks for mentioning this. We are working on it and we will redirect all old URLs.

@sergeyFM - Where are you finding these links?

These are links to the courses I’ve imported. I took the URLs from an address bar and like many active LingQ contributors shared them on the forum.
Now courses seem to have different addresses and all those posts with links are incorrect. Some of the posts are already read-only and links can’t be fixed.