Links to my favorite and useful Internet places&tools for the English learning process

I am starting this topic to collect links to websites or tools that can be useful in learning English. On the same topic I will add in the future the content that I consider of interest, in case they can be of help to other people (It is important to mention that I am Spanish, and therefore many links will have contents in Spanish).

For a better understanding and classification I will add the entries with different tags following the following structure:

  • Entry date: dd/mm/YYY
  • Link: URL link
  • Short Description:
  • Type: (reading / Youtube / podcast / app / other).
  • My rating: (1-Recommendable 2-Helpful 3-Daily use)
  • Comments: Long description or any other explanation

If you want to share links to your favorite material, you can reply to this topic and please use the same structure. Thanks !

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  • Entry Date: 07/08/2023
  • Link: 200 verbos regulares e irregulares en inglés con pronunciación y significado en español - YouTube
  • Short Description: List of 200 English verbs (regular and Irregular) with translation and pronunciation
  • Type: Youtube
  • My rating: 1-Recommendable
  • Comments: This is the list of 100 regular + 100 irregular verbs. The author pronounces them one by one in their three conjugations (Infinitive, Past and Participle) adding the translation and also pronunciation in Spanish. You can increase the listening speed so that it is not too heavy.

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  • Entry Date: 09/08/2023
  • Link:
  • Short Description: Conjugación de los verbos
  • Type: Reading
  • My rating: 1-Recommendable
  • Comments: Verbs
  • Entry Date: 14/08/2023
  • Link:
  • Short Description: Para tener conversaciones usando AI
  • Type: Interactive Write AI
  • My rating: 3-Daily use
  • Comments: Aplicación increible. Sería muy recomendable que lingq tuviera esta funcionalidad