Link to facebook

It seems to me that the Link to facebook on the bottom of the page doesn’t work. Was there a change? I registered that on my facebook startpage there are no longer posts from LingQ!

It’s very strange but my FB account has been disabled and since the fan page originated from my account I guess it has disappeared also. I have contacted them and asked them to restore my account. I got some strange spamming type activity which appeared to come from some of my friends in the last few days so that could be the problem. I guess I will find out.

What kind of friends do you have :slight_smile:

I hope you get you account back soon! First I thought it is a problem of my account. It wouldn’t be nice if LingQ lost all its friends on facebook.

Well, that’s the thing. These messages looked like they came from my friends but I don’t think they did. They were strange messages and appeared to be mid conversation when I had never initiated any conversation. We’ll see what happens…

Hm, it still seems not to work.

Yeah, I’ve emailed them twice but Facebook doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get back to me… :frowning: