Linguistic Mishmash

What’d happen if someone started learning Swedish and Norwegian together?

What’d happen if someone started learning Spanish and Portuguese together?

What’d happen if someone started learning Dutch and Afrikaans together?

I reckon it could be an interesting experiment! If one learned in a passive LingQified kind of way, not paying too much attention at all to formal study of grammar, it’s possible that a new quasi-dialect could emerge in the leaners mind…maybe!?

You might end up speaking a kind of “Nederkaans”, for example, which might also be highly comprehensible to both Dutch folks and Afrikaaners?

But then again, you might just end up speaking like Friedemann Rohr on weed??

(It’d be quite interesting to try it though.)

If a lot of people together tried it for a long while, a new language might even appear. However, I don’t know that this experiment is worth trying. There are a lot of other interesting things under the sun, in my opinion. You need to consider what economists call “opportunity costs” because you only live once.

I think starting studying, for example, Spanish and Portuguese is okay if you have some motivation and enough time to study. By the way, I wonder how Spanish people feel when they start learning Portuguese.

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