I just came across an interesting website, linguee, which gives sample phrases in many languages. For example, in Portuguese I used:

You can select other languages in the drop-down box!

(Without ad-blocker the site is a bit annoying though).


For those learning Europeun Portuguese, I am following a sit-com from Lisbon at the moment:

I watch once without subtitles, and once with. I hope to improve my comprehension of simple dialogues!

Happy new year!


silviad, many thanks for the 2nd link. Very interesting for everyone who’s trying to understand a portuguese dialogue!

Linguee is my favorite online dictionary. It is great for German-English.

Hello, Silvia!

See a link, please.

Thanks very a lot!

it is link with music.

Linguee is great, but I also like reverso:

Unfortunately it doesn’t have Dutch, but you can use other pairs.

Just want to add my appreciation for Linguee. I use it to help with speaking since it matches translations from one language to the next. So you can find particular expressions, set phrases and collocations quite easily.