Linguaphone - 1970s - 1980s


I bought a Linguaphone book for Spanish not knowing that the books came separately, I have one and its all Spanish, I think that audio originally came with the set, anyone know where I could track down the English translation for this Spanish book?

Ebay. Abe books.

(But you have the audio, right? Linguaphone without audio is like a car without an engine - it aint going places!)

Hey Easy Rider.

I don’t have the audio either, I wish I did. I can’t seem to see anything on Abebooks, amazon, Ebay, maybe its not possible to get it anymore.

Which version do you have? The one dating from the late 1950s is somewhat rare (although you do still see them occasionally.)

The one dating from the mid or late 1970s is still regularly offered for sale on Ebay - at least on But I guess you’re limited to North American sellers?

hey Easy Rider, thanks for that, i just checked and I saw it! That’s great, I dont know right know if it is the same one as mine, I know mine is from the 70’s, but who knows I might buy the full set seeing thats its there, Thanks easyrider

There’s a website that sells the old linguaphone courses in PDF and mp3 format.

I’d be amazed if the website linked to here is legal - alas. However I can’t for the life of me understand why Linguaphone don’t offer something like this through their own website! Their older courses can still be used to great effect, IMO. I dare say they wouldn’t sell very many, but in the era of iPads, PDFs and mp3 audio any and every sell would basically generate 100% profit! (And in the case of some lesser taught languages like Icelandic, Egyptian Arabic, Urdu, etc, these vintage Linguaphone courses may still be the best resource out there for a serious self-teaching beginner.)