So there is also a


mm good idea
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Qiu is pronounced Chiu in Chinese pinyin.

Linga, LIngb, Lingc, Lingd, Linge…it does not matter. It is not the name, it is who we are. It all about the LingQ community.

I thought someone was taking the mickey for a second.

I saw once in the past just because I made a typo. hahaha!

lingt is actually not a bad intro to Chinese.

PS Is that really you, Chris? Very swashbuckling :slight_smile:

Haha, it is indeed. All I’m missing is a feather I think.

But how is lingt pronounced? Is it pronounced “linked?”

It looks like another SRS system.
“Review information just before you forget it.”

Some day, I’m going to write a blog post and just rip apart SRS!

Keith, while I am not a big fan of SRS simply because I save too many words to make it practical, I think that it has its place. Many people like it. If I had a full day to study and had to cram for exams I might use it. Since I am more interested in what I am able to read and listen to, I spend most of my time with content. I also prefer my random activities on our Vocabulary page, perhaps the most underused area of LingQ.

Still I look forward to reading your comments on SRS.

Keith, I await, trembling…