I’m not a paying member and I’ve used my 20 Lingqs, now I can’t look up the meaning of words. I deleted the Lingqs on the Vocabulary section but I still can’t look up any words. Can you help me?

LingQs limit is a hard limit, and even if you remove previously created LingQs, you won’t be allowed to create new instead.
If you need more, invite friends to join LingQ. For each friend who joins you both get 100 LingQs. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ. Enjoy!

Could clarify this for me, if possible. Probably the best spot, similar topic and prevents a new post.

So if someone doesn’t have premium, as stated it’s a hard limit for LingQs, but now does that mean when they click on words while reading it won’t show the pop up with the word meaning, text-to-speech, example phrases etc?

I just want to clarify because I almost immediately upgraded and I’ve already been referring people, I don’t want to explain the free level incorrectly.