LingQs you don't remember at all

I’ve noticed I’m creating a lot of lingqs. With that I’m sure to come across yellow-marked words that I just don’t remember seeing before.

Do you all just ignore these and hope you’ll eventually recognize/remember the words, or do you become proactive and try different ways of getting them stuck in your head (e.g. through isolating them in a program like Anki and so forth)?

I’m looking forward to input from all.

Have a nice day!

I don’t ‘ignore’ my yellow/unknown words but I don’t isolate them to study in another program either. I’ve thought about the latter but have never tried it and it basically feels like too much effort for me! I find it more interesting to just keep reading new material and trust that certain words will keep coming up again as per Steve’s advice.

If I’m listening to a podcast and notice that a particular word keeps coming up that I don’t understand, or that seems to be hindering the flow of my comprehension then sometimes I look it up. Or I’m reviewing/reading a lesson, I’ll just click on it to remind myself of the meaning.

But for a lot of words, I find that hearing them appear in maybe 3-5 different contexts, helps the meaning ‘click’. But the different contexts is important - I don’t think it would happen for me just listening to the word even 10 times within the SAME podcast.

I try to trust that something that isn’t consciously recognisable is slowly but surely taking subconscious root somewhere down there and making its way up to the light!


First 600-800 words you have to learn thoroughly and carefully like also some main grammar structures of the new language in order to lay down the foundation of the further learning. Then on the basis of it you can ‘attack’ a new language and get accustomed to it.
If flashcards are too boring to you, you can use a ‘multiple choice’, it needs less time for refreshing new words.
But after that you can concentrate more on the interesting contents and not to pay so much attention to new words. If you read and listen 1 hour every day or more the most important words will be repeated and you finally will be able to keep them in your memory.
Good luck!

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You are on the right way.
It is a joy to see your improvement in the last weeks!

Soon you will read books for breakfast, lunch and dinner like colin! :wink:



Thank you for the positive words!

It’s a joy to share the journey - and a meal tastes so much better with a good cook :))

Ahh, I would love to eat books all day (much better than tinned soup!) :slight_smile:

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@deb, Keep up the good work!