LingQs Reviews

Hello. I am posting in hopes of getting some advice from some of you more experienced LingQ users about your approach to your daily LingQs.

For a while I was doing my reviews every day, over the course of the day until all of the LingQs were level 4 or check marked. As of late, I stopped doing this. I found myself “learning” (more like memorizing) the word or phrase during the review, and then forgetting it soon after. This was evident because I would come across white words that I didn’t know, which I would knock back down to level 1 or 2 depending on familiarity.

That’s not to say that the reviews have not helped. There are words that are very common, where I review them and the next day I see them in other lessons where they are reinforced.

To me the utility of the reviews feels random depending on how common a word or phrase is. I am also aware that this could just be because the number of words I know is still relatively low.

Do you guys review LingQs everyday? Should I be playing with the review options to better optimize learning? What is your daily LingQs approach?

Thank you in advance for the advice.


The more I’ve decided to use LingQ the more I’ve dropped SRS for good.

Just read more at your level, create playlists and listen to more audio at your level. Progress gradually and you’ll remember a lot better than SRS.

Leave it to your “right” brain to decide what to learn now and what to wait for later. Your brain will create the necessary connections and associations without you knowing it. Don’t force yourself to learn specific words even if you keep repeating them unless you really need them for what you’re doing. Just keep reading, then listening, then writing and speaking. Depending on your goals and priorities and where you are learning.

When you feel ready or curious you do a bit of grammar, you learn a bit of this and a bit of that and you integrate everything at the right time. The most difficult part is probably trusting the method and just being consistent without wanting to do more. And also win boredom, if this happens, finding solutions that are more adapted to you.

My daily LingQ approach has changed a lot since the beginning and I keep refining. And it’s now starting to work. Also thanks to many advice received here previously.


Completely agree. Not only is it unmanageable to review lingqs once you accumulate so many of them, but it’s also less effective in the long term. Simply reading is sufficient to learn vocabulary. I can definitely see SRS being more useful once you get into B2 territory, though, since seeing such low frequency words in context would probably be pretty rare.