Lingqs or my own Flashcards?

Hi, I have been using lingq but haven’t been making any. Because I don’t like deleting flashcards I have been loading them onto my iPod onto a seperate app. Would you recommend me to stop doing this and create lingqs normally? If I do do this, would it be possible to export them to my flashcard app when I’ve done with them, delete them from my lingq account and still have them shown up as yellow, even though they will be deleted? Also, is it possible to multy delete lingqs, you know, instead of one at a time?

If I might paraphrase the question, you are saying;

"Hi guys, I really like this community that many of you have put years into designing, through trial and error, programming, and servicing the customers. I especially enjoy some of the functions like the highlighting of my previously saved words and phrases, and of course the more saved words and phrases in my database, the more useful and powerful this function becomes.

But I really do not want to pay. I prefer to have other people do that. I just want to use, free like. Is there some way you can help me take advantage of all the nice things here without paying?"

No, Steve. It isn’t a question of not wanting to pay but not being able to pay. Not many 15 year old paperboys have a credit card. I take it your rather sarcastic, rude and entirely un-needed reply that I should export the flashcards to the app and that when I delete them from my lingq database they stilll highlight in yellow.

I am sure that you spend $10 every month on other things especially if you are a paper boy. Ask your parents to use their credit card and pay them back, I am sure they will be happy to oblige.

No, the only the words that highlight are the ones in your database, which is limited to 100 terms for free members.

You may find my reply rude and it was intended to be such. As you get older you will realize that you have to put in in order to get out.

"As you get older you will realize that you have to put in in order to get out. " I like that phrase. It sounds like the way you teach languages here at lingq :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I’ll probably try to get a paid account soon. After all, it is only $2.50 a week.

@PierreM: Are those last two lines true? Do you think that what I am doing is okay?

With regard to known words, it is useful to remember the adage, that we overestimate short term change and underestimate long term change.

At first we may have doubts as to whether we really “know” our known words, and we should have. We may miss a word when clicking on “I know all”, we may forget words that we have learner, and we may know them very incompletely.


The “known words” number is an indicator of our progress, the best one at LingQ in my view, just as LingQs created is the best measure of our learning activity.

You will find that after a year or more, or as in my case with Russian after 4 years, when I bring in a new item of content from the library or from the Internet, I KNOW MOST OF THE WORDS!!

If it says that there are 10% unknown words, then there are, and many of them are names or new forms of words that I know.

So use the “known words” number as a meaningful guide to your progress.