LingQs on word counter?

I’m doing Japanese, and the spacing isn’t done how I want it sometimes, so I modify for instance 日本 語 to be together as one word, but it doesn’t show up on the word counter. It shows up as a “LingQ” which doesn’t look like can ever go on the “known words” counter. Is that right? Is there any way for “LingQs Learned” to be a part of the “Known Words”? I would really like that.

Edit: Ok I understand the reason for not making “LingQs Learned” part of the “Known Words” now thinking about saving more than one word as a phrase, so a better question would be is there any way to combine something to make it identify as a word instead of a LingQ?

@kudokupo - Learned LingQs are added to your Known Words total. Once they are Learned (Status 4), they are considered Known but this is only the case for words. Unfortunately, in the example you use, the system is considering that word a phrase so it is not added. There are some inconsistencies in Asian languages due to the lack of word boundaries and therefore the need to try and split the text automatically. However, the vast majority of words are identified correctly so your stats should be accurate enough. After all, your stats are more of an indicator of your achievement as opposed to an exact reflection.

Yeah it seems nothing can be done for Japanese to split it perfectly so it’s not a big deal.