LingQs of the Day - only unknown words

Hi guys,

I remember querying this recently (probably with the release of LingQ 2.0), and I don’t think I’ve heard anything definitive on the issue as yet. I seem to remember a few others at the time agreeing that it made sense to them as well.

The request is that the LingQs of the Day only contain unknown words (i.e. nothing with 4 shows up).

If there aren’t any objections, and if it’s not programming-heavy on the implementation side of things, could this be included in the next release of updates?

@peter - Currently the LingQs of the Day are chosen by our SRS algorithm (Vocabulary Help). If you prefer that level 4 words don’t show up, you can just click the 4 again on the status bar and select “Never” from the popup and that way they won’t show up anymore in your Due for Review pile or your LingQs of the Day emails.

Yeah, it just means I’d be doing it forever, with current words that are on 4 and then with words that later become 4.

That’s ok, just wanted to see where you guys stand.