LingQs of the Day - Flashcard

the Link which should bring me to the flashcards is not more working.
After the click I get a selection and can only go to LingQ but I have to entrance each time of new (it was earlier not the case)

I do not have this problem. Does anyone else? Irene what browser are you using? Let us know if the problem persists.

I have no problem with this Link. Maybe your settings in the Internet Explorer are different from the settings on your old computer? Maybe Cookies are disabled?

I have IE7 - Version 7.0.6001.18000

I have the new computer since 14th February and it was working until yesterday.

again - I save the mails with LingQ of the Day and those from other days are working correct!
I cannot see a different between 20 and 21 but 20 is working and 21 not.

sorry - it was not correct - both aren’t working

This is one that works

the different seems to be in app… and www…

For about a few days I have some problems too.sometimes take longer to appear,or need several attempts.

Same here, occasionally I’ve had to login several times (once per language), sometimes one of the languages takes a while to load, sometimes it doesn’t load at all - which language and when is totally random.

It happens the same to me. Until 17/2 the links are working as normal and they start with… On the 18/2 and after I have to log in in order to see the flashcards and the links start with

There is a problem with the LingQs of the Day flashcard link. We’re looking into it.

Sorry guys, there was an error in a config file on the server, fixed now. we used for test purposes and… Well you know those stories when surgeons forget instruments inside their patients, so that’s the case :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,
I hope you have back all your instruments now - I’am happy because it is working.