Lingqs of the day are not arriving

For the last two days, my Lingq Of The Day has not been emailed to me, and does not appear on my vocabulary page. This is serious for me as I usually pick up my Lingqs Of The Day as soon as I get up, and will read a word, then for example, make breakfast or clean the rabbit cage, while I make up sentences with that word. Then I go on to the next word and continue with my morning routine. As I am quite addicted to this, the lack of Lingqs Of The Day is really affecting me. Please look into this. Thanks.

It’s happening to me too Louise. I am lost without it. I hope it is fixed soon. I just recently became paid member and I am quite disappointed in the problems I am encountering.

“This is serious for me as I usually pick up my Lingqs Of The Day…”

I know how you feel. This problem will most certainly be fixed within the next few days. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the “missed” days of LingQ generation will not be recovered. It represents sort of a black-hole in your/my routine of language learning but it’s only a bump in the road.

This has happened 4-5 times since I became a member and I’ve come to expect a hiccup every few months. On the bright side I guess we could both agree that if the loss of certain functionality of this site didn’t bother us we should be asking ourselves why we are visiting/paying in the first place?

Sorry about that everyone. We are experiencing a few bugs after we moved on new servers. Our developer is looking into Daily LingQs issue. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your work. I am now receiving my daily fix of LingQs ot the Day, and can get on with my regular routine.

Yes, it works properly now. Happy learning!

i didn’t receive my LingQ’s today and when I click on vocabulary it is the same set from yesterday. Is there is a problem again?

No, it doesn’t, it worked until yesterday. No notification today and nothing on the vocabulary page either. (Swedish)

I received my LingQs today. It seems to be working on desktop version. I haven’t tried it on the app yet.

LingQs of the Day should work properly again.
@Idcrsodyssey make sure to have enabled both Daily LingQs emails and notifications on the Settings page and they will appear on the app too.

Desktop version on Google Chrome.
The notification got here as promised but when I want to review them I get:
Invalid input parameters:
LingQs of the Day for the given date aren’t available.