"LingQs of the Day" are a great idea

I really think “LingQs of the Day” are useful for me. Sometimes you just need little nudge. Great idea. Thx


I agree. It’s already got me reviewing the words more often! I would like to have the option to turn off certain languages though. There’s a few I don’t really want to get mails for every day, but overall a great feature!

Thanks for the input Ed and Sakaya. Like many of the improvements we will be bringing to LingQ, they will require refinement. We may be able over time to allow learners to turn off languages, and perhaps to limit the number of LingQs on the list. But for the time being you will have to work with the system as it is. Delete the languages you are not interested in , and just review as many LingQs as you have time for. But please keep giving us your feedback. I cannot speak for the programmers as to when these refinements will be possible but we appreciate getting your comments.

It’s a good idea this feature because all learners can review their own new word list.Whenever I see my e-mail I can just look up the list.

Definitely, it’s a good idea. If you make a rule in gmail to tag the “LingQs of the Day” e-mail you can group all these messages to review later. Moreover, if you have the Firefox Productive Plugin for gmail that implements the GTD (Getting Things Done) system you will be able to learn any language in a productive way.