LingQs of complete phrases are not maintained between lessons

Hi, does anyone experience the following problem.

I create LingQs of individual words and phrases. However, when i create lingQs of phrases i experience the following
problems with some of them.

  1. Say i create a link for the following phase:
    " Le restaurant ouvre à 6 heures."

    Whilst i am in the lesson, the whole of that phrase will remain highlighted in yellow as you would expect.
    If i then leave this lesson and come back to it, only some of the words in the phrase will be yellow. The
    rest of them are not highlighted at all and i have to re-create the link for the whole phrase again.

  2. Again a problem with creating links of whole phrases. When i synchronize my lessons on my android app with the
    web application some of the lingQs of the whole phrases do not come across as a complete phrase. Only some of
    the words in the phrase are highlighted.

I have tried removing the lingQs of these phrases and creating the lingQ again, but the same problem keeps occurring.

Does anyone else have this problem.
If so is there a solution to it?

Thanks for the detailed explanation of the issue! I just want to make a couple of clarifications:

  1. Are there any shorter phrases saved within the phrase “Le restaurant ouvre à 6 heures.” ?
  2. If so, if you delete these shorter phrases then try saving this longer phrase again does it display properly?

If your trying to lingQ a phrase which contains lingQed words this will happen. The solution is what Alex describes. Or, you can use the note box to depict the phrase in the individual lingQs.